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Secure Your Apps: Mobile, Desktop, Embedded and Server

Arxan secures applications by hardening code and keys against tampering, piracy, reverse-engineering, key discovery and unauthorized use. We provide durable, resilient and easy to use application security solutions that are proven to withstand persistent and sophisticated attacks. Customers around the world use our suite of products to preserve the integrity of their code and keys, and safeguard their intellectual property and revenue streams. See below for a summary of our products which durably cover multiple platforms:

THREATS Tampering, Reversing-Engineering,
Unauthorized Access
Key Discovery
Binary Code Integrity:
GuardIT® and EnsureIT®
Key Protection:
Desktop, Mobile
Embedded & Server Apps

Multi-Platform Coverage
Support for Major Cryptographic
Algorithms:RSA, AES, ECC

Multi-Platform Coverage
BENEFITS IP Protection, Piracy-Prevention

Preserve Integrity of Code and
Business Models
Secure Premium Content or Data

Preserve Integrity of Intellectual
Property and Business Models

- is a proven commercial software protection solution that enables you to easily build and deploy unique security for your application. The GuardIT Family includes GuardIT for Windows, GuardIT for Linux, GuardIT for Microsoft .Net Framework, GuardIT for MAC OS X, GuardIT for Java, GuardIT for Android/Intel, GuardIT for WIndows/ARM, GuardIT for Windows/Embedded and GuardIT for FlexNet Publisher. The GuardIT platform is the only binary-based application hardening solutions that spans the breadth of these platforms for desktop and server applications.

EnsureIT® - delivers automated software security to protect the code integrity, intellectual property (IP) and DRM robustness of mobile and embedded applications. The EnsureIT Family includes, EnsureIT for Apple iOS, EnsureIT for Android/ARM, EnsureIT for Linux, EnsureIT for PowerPC and EnsureIT for Tizen/ARM.Given the popularity and prevalence of mobile and embedded software today, from smartphones to set-top boxes to telecommunications, robotics, medical devices, telemetry and home appliances, software protection is needed to safeguard code from tampering, reverse engineering and compromise. 

TransformIT® - is highly secure and proven key protection technology, based on White Box Cryptography (WBC) which combines mathematical al­gorithms with data and code obfuscation techniques. The result is keys are protected throughout the encryption/decryption process as they are never present, in either the static application or in runtime memory, in their original form. 


  Application Integrity Protection
Arxan secures MOBILE, DESKTOP, SERVER and EMBEDDED applications


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