Security for Desktop Applications

Protect Intellectual Property and Revenue against Counterfeiting and Piracy

Desktop applications come in many forms on many platforms. GuardIT protects native, managed, virtualized, on-premise or cloud based applications on all common processor and operating systems, and integrates with all popular development environments. GuardIT also interoperateswith license management solutions like Flexera and others to fully protect applications against piracy. 

While  Arxan offers separate GuardIT editions for different platforms, a single GuardSpec® or protection configuration can be exchanged across all of them. Thus, as with your code, you can develop once and then compile, optimize for individualized security per applicationand test separately on all target platforms.

GuardIT tools are designed to protect code integrity, intellectual property and ultimately brand and revenue against targeted piracy and targeted malware. They allow developers to quickly fortify legacy as well as new applications.  With security protections that are infused directly into your application, GuardIT protects your applications at run time from both passive and active attacks. And, since security is embedded into the application, protection is not invasive to the end user’s computer or network, nor does it rely on external libraries or hardware for its protection.

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