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The rapid adoption of mobile computing has created an app-centric global marketplace, ushering in the App Economy that is driving new business models and revenue streams across all industries including financial services, digital media, gaming and healthcare. As hackers increasingly target mobile apps to exploit consumer and enterprise apps, app developers and corporate IT departments must quickly plug security gaps and launch strong and agile app protection measures.

Arxan’s Mobile Application Integrity Protection™ Suite allows you to safeguard mobile apps that are vulnerable to code-based attacks when they are deployed in distributed and un-trusted environments leveraging various platform flavors of GuardIT, EnsureIT and TransformIT.

Our EnsureIT and GuardIT products are designed to protect your code integrity and intellectual property across all popular operating systems, including Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone Series,Tizen, Blackberry, etc. and TransformIT protects keys or secret data from discovery. Fortune 500 companies have selected Arxan to successfully protect their software assets and preserve revenues and business models as they leverage innovation enabled by the mobile platform.

Arxan's application protection products are proven, patented, resilient and embedded directly into the application. Our produts do not impact the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and core functionality at run-time.  With comprehensive coverage, app owners can benefit from the broad distribution of the mobile environments to deliver mobile app security and integrity needs such as:

  • No changes to the source code or the how the application works
  • Seamless integration into the build process
  • Passive and Active Protection built right into your app 
  • Vast array of protection techniques: Obfuscation, Encryption, Checksum, Anti-Debug, Anti-Debug, Authentication, Value Verification, Repair, Standard Reactions, Alerts
  • Tunable level of Robustness (Ability to layer protections)
  • End to End Android App Protection (Java and Native)
  • Compliance for pen test teams placing greater emphasis on application decompilation and runtime tampering

And, since detection is embedded into the application, protection is not tied to the mobile computing device; your mobile application protection goes where your apps goes to:

  • Provide mobile app integrity protection
  • Prevent reverse engineering/decompilation
  • Prevent spoofing of apps to access sensitive data 
  • Prevent malware insertion
  • Prevent intellectual property theft and piracy
  • Prevent tampering with security controls or sensitive functions
  • Prevent unauthorized access and fraud

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