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Arxan Technologies provides professional engineering services to ISVs, digital media providers, game publishers, government and enterprise applications to partner with customers on their software security requirements. Through Arxan’s Professional Services, customers receive end-to-end support to deploy world-class software security.prof_services

Our services approach encompasses a full range of deliverables from security assessments to protection designs and implementation, to on-site training and education.

Professional Services Offerings

Protection Design Services

Turn-Key Protection: Arxan security experts implement a custom protection plan for your application or system which incorporates all of the components in the protection design process: Risk Assessment, Protection Design, and Protection Implementation.

Risk Assessment: Given the security requirements or adversarial objectives, Arxan identifies the likely points of attack on your target system.

Protection Design: The Protection Design is gathered from data in the Risk Assessment.

Protection Implementation: Using the Protection Design, our experts review the customer application via security design reviews.

Additional Services

Training & Education: Our security experts provide Informational Overviews to help understand security threats and solutions in-depth, Product Training across all platforms and Product Demos. Onsite or off-site availability.

Protection Review: A standardized review of customer protection prior to first release can be provided by our security experts.

Custom Solutions: For customers requiring custom Guards, our service professionals can create unique Guards, according to application-specific needs. The security design, and implementations will be tailored to your individual requirements.

Team Services

Red Teaming: Red Teaming analysis is a blind security assessment performed by a skilled team of ethical hackers. A Red Team uses the same tactics that would be employed by malicious hackers to breach information systems.

Blue Teaming: Similar to Red Teaming, but Blue Teams have system knowledge and involves a more collaborative approach.

Yellow Teaming: Arxan’s Yellow Team experts research your specific piracy situation, products and versions.


A Service for New Arxan Customers
Arxan’s customers are given a turbo start by providing a combination of Training and Services to help ensure that their first protection deployment is accurate and aligns with their unique protection design. 


Our Services Team
Our Professional Services Team is comprised of experienced protection engineers, security experts, software analysts and computer scientists. All team members have extensive experience in building software protection and/or in discovering system, software and/or application vulnerabilities. Team members have expertise across a range of domains including: computer security, reverse engineering, network security, red teaming, cryptography, verification tools and techniques and secure protocols.


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