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Software-Based Key Security

Access to digital content, data and information systems is commonly protected by encryption, a first line of defense to protect digital assets against piracy and theft.

For example:

  • Encrypting user-bound content, media and software

  • Encrypting sensitive customer information, financial information and corporate IP

  • Proving identity of users and authenticity of information

  • Securing communications against eavesdroppers

TFIT-datasheet-imageHowever, encryption has a single point of failure - the instance at which the decryption key is used. This point is easily identifiable through signature patterns and cryptographic routines. As soon as the key shows its face, it is vulnerable to capture by attackers. Once found, an attacker can easily navigate to where the keys will (typically) be constructed in memory. Subsequently, fatal exploits can be easily created.


Arxan's TransformIT® is a White Box Cryptography (WBC) solution that combines mathematical algorithms with data obfuscation techniques to transform keys such that they cannot be discovered. The keys are never present in their original form, in either the static application or in run time memory.

  • TransformIT protects static keys, dynamic keys and any sensitive user data

  • Supports AES, RSA and ECC algorithms durably and securely

TransformIT Core Features

  • Algorithmically Strong with its proven white box cryptographic implementations and Encrypted Domain

  • Performance Friendly with fully tunable security to minimize app impact

  • Easy to Use with a simple API that integrates with the app

  • Portable with source code based implementation that works with multiple platforms

  • Secure with self consistency checks for defense in depth against attacks

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