State of Application Security


Volume 2

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78% of the top 100 mobile apps have been hacked!

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Volume 1

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 Top 100 iOS and Android apps have been hacked!

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The proliferation of mobile devices has created an app-centric global marketplace, ushering in the app economy that is driving new business models and revenue streams across all industries.

Hacked mobile apps now account for the greatest security and financial threat to the overall global software market.  

The State of Security in the App Economy: Mobile Apps Under Attack research report reveals the widespread prevalence of hacked mobile apps and the financial impact from lost revenues, IP theft, and piracy.

Download this report to learn more about the prevalence of app hacks as the App Economy continues to expand into diverse markets bringing new products and services to consumers and partners.



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Protecting Applications

It’s imperative that we protect and defend the integrity of our customers’ mobile software applications that are driving business ecosystems around the world.

Arxan Technologies is the global industry leader of application protection solutions.

Contact Us today to learn how to protect your applications.

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