State of Mobile App Security (Research)


Volume 3 – 2014

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Increase in App Hacks for Top 100 Mobile Apps



Key Recommendations
Arxan’s State of Mobile App Security report includes key recommendations to improve the security of mobile applications. Among other recommendations, the report recommends that:

  • Applications with high-risk profiles running on any mobile platform should be made tamper-resistant and capable of defending themselves and detecting threats at runtime.
  • All applications should be developed to maintain the confidentiality of the application/code.
  • The software that is used to enable mobile wallets/payment apps (e.g., Host Card Emulation software) should be protected with secure crypto and app hardening.
  • Organizations should consider mobile app assessments to assess if existing apps are exposed to risks that are unique to mobile environments. Also, as part of the mobile app development lifecycle, organizations should conduct Penetration Tests that, among other things, should assess vulnerability to reverse engineering and tampering that can result from unprotected binary code.
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Volume 2 – 2013

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Volume 1 – 2012

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