Digital Media Content Protection

Seamless Security for DRM Systems and Digital Media Content


To address your need for effective and non-invasive security for connected devices, OTT services and digital media applications, Arxan provides a defense-in-depth approach to digital media security. Arxan’s security solution encompasses multiples layers of defense and meets the requirements of DRM robustness rules, including the ability to provide renewability of protection without compromising end-user experience.

For Mobile and Embedded Code Security on ARM for Android and Apple iOS devices, as well as other environments, learn more about our EnsureIT Family of Products.

For Cryptographic Key Protection, learn more about TransformIT. TransformIT secures static and dynamic keys as well as sensitive data over a variety of algorithms including AES, RSA and ECC.

For Desktop and Server Code Security on a variety of platforms, learn more about our GuardIT Family of Products

Arxan’s Code Hardening and Key Protection offerings together enable you to:


  1. Quickly and reliably harden DRM systems and Conditional Access (CA) systems to meet content protection standards, such as OMA DRM, DTCP-IP and WMDRM.

    • Click here to learn more on how to harden DRM and CA systems.

  2. Conceal secret keys by broadly protecting all data, algorithms and intellectual property, including proprietary watermarking algorithms, VoIP protocols, metering data and license stores.

    • Click here to learn more on software-based key protection to prevent key discovery and content theft.


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