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Harden your application against tampering, malware and piracy

Arxan’s software protection solution (SPS) bundle is a comprehensive toolkit of products and services to secure the intellectual property(IP) of software publishers and fully monetize their software assets. From piracy alerts to comprehensive IP protection, Arxan’s SPS bundle enables independent or enterprise software publishers to craft an application security strategy that is best suited to their customer needs and business goals.

Well over half of the world's personal computer users — 57 percent — admit they pirate software. That includes 31 percent who say they do it "all of the time," "most of the time," or "occasionally," plus another 26 percent who admit they pirate, but only "rarely." Fewer than four users in 10 (38 percent) say they "never" acquire software that is not fully licensed. Learn More at

The below chart provides information on the types of software attacks and the associated Arxan solution. Ranging from Binary Code Modification to Key Generation attacks, Arxan software protection can be implemented to address all of these threat vectors in concert or individually. To learn more, mouse over each section.

Binary Code Modification

Application Hardening with GuardIT and EnsureIT

GuardIT and EnsureIT empower you to secure software applications against tampering, unauthorized use, intellectual property theft and malware insertions. GuardIT primarily secures desktop and server applications, while EnsureIT secures embedded and mobile applications, so your software is covered regardless of where it resides.

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License Management Hardening with GuardIT for FNP

A common attack on software today is modification of application binaries to bypass license management, which enables wide scale piracy. FlexNet Publisher is Flexera's industry-leading solution for license management. GuardIT for FlexNet Publisher is specifically designed to thwart binary level attacks by protecting both FlexNet libraries, and application calls to the FlexNet libraries. This provides deep, durable protection with point-click ease of use.

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Real-time Piracy Alerts with GuardIT

Arxan's piracy alert solution enables you to gather and analyze real time piracy intelligence from the field. Through a combination of our software security product, GuardIT and professional services, this solution helps recoup revenue by providing actionable data regarding who is abusing your software, and where they are located.

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Key Generation

Key Protection with TransformIT

Encryption is the first line of defense to protect data, information systems and digital content against piracy and theft. However, your data, identity or digital media are only as secure as your key. TransformIT obfuscates secret keys and intertwines them within your application, protecting secret keys against discovery and replacement.

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