Arxan is the dominant leader of application protection and management of mobile, IoT, JavaScript, and other applications. We are currently protecting applications running on more than 1 billion devices around the world and across a range of industries: including financial services, healthcare, gaming, digital media and automotive.
Arxan means trusted user experiences for the trusted enterprise.

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Arxan is the trusted provider of application protection and management solutions for mobile, IoT, JavaScript, and other enterprise applications. Our solutions include:

  • Binary code & cryptographic keys protection
  • JavaScript protection
  • Mobile Application Management


In addition to being the most comprehensive technology, Arxan is the only company with a true end-to-end enterprise solution that includes:

  • Enterprise Software
  • Leading edge research team
  • Professional services
  • Training
  • World-class support
  • Partner ecosystem


We help our customers protect their applications in the wild from the following risks:

  • Financial
  • IP
  • Reputational
  • Regulatory

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