Arxan Partners

Why Partner with Arxan?

Together, we can address the rapidly growing customer need for Application Protection:
  • Software applications are increasingly powering the world, fueled by the growth of Mobile apps for consumer and employees, rise of the Internet of Things, etc.
  • These applications have growing value at stake with brand, data, intellectual property, and revenue
  • Organizations are now releasing applications “out into the wild” where adversaries can directly access, analyze, modify, and exploit the binary code and cause significant damage
A partnership with Arxan will help enable your business to:
  • Help customers embrace innovation and new platforms, such as Mobile or Internet of Things, without compromising their brand, data, intellectual property, or revenue
  • Gain differentiation via stronger and broader application security capabilities with the industry-leading solution for protecting sensitive or high-value applications
  • Drive additional revenue with application protection products and/or services

How to Partner with Arxan?

Arxan’s Partner Program includes a number of different engagement models to formalize your relationship with us.
Partnering Models Benefits to Partner
Resell Partner (resell products / services)
  • Resell Arxan products with high margins and attach services
  • Strengthen and expand your customer relationship
  • Capture revenue and share of wallet in a high-growth category
Referral Partner (refer prospects)
  • Add value to your customers by introducing and referring a complementary solution from Arxan
  • Gain incremental high-margin revenue from revenue-sharing
Services Partner (sell/deliver services)
  • Deliver cutting-edge App Protection services to your clients
  • Strengthen and expand your services relationship
  • Grow your share of the services wallet in a high-growth category
Technology Partner (co-market and/or integrate products)
  • Add joint solution value with integration and/or interoperability
  • Grow joint customer awareness and enhance positioning by co-marketing complementary products with Arxan

Our Program provides focused capabilities that enable partners to drive joint success with Arxan:

  • Market development via co-marketing and go-to-market support
  • Sales enablement and coordination of sales engagement
  • Technology access, training, certification, and support
  • Relationship governance

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Highlighted Strategic Alliances

cigital-logo Consulting and services provider relationship Learn more about Cigital. “Arxan’s suite of application protection solutions is a unique and integral part of any defense in depth strategy. Cigital’s software security consulting services combined with Arxan application protection products offer a powerful solution to increase organizational security while driving down costs.” – Stuart Dross, Cigital

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