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App signing has evolved in many ways in the past few years, and with the release of iOS 9, the evolution continues. Apple has made changes to app signing and deployment to enterprise users with iOS 9, making it a perfect time to dive deeper into app signing and how we got to where we are today. In this episode of the Life in the Mobile Enterprise (LiME) podcast, App Signing and iOS Impact on Enterprise Apps, I interview John Caldas, software engineer and app signing expert here at Apperian. Listen to learn what app signing is, how it differs between Apple and Android devices, and how app signing has evolved from just apps to extensions, entitlements, and a new kind of apps, Watch apps. Find out what iOS 9 means for app signing and what enterprise IT needs to be on the lookout for.



How to Prepare for Impact of iOS 9 on Enterprise Apps

Replace Wildcard Distribution Provisioning Profiles A wildcard distribution provisioning profile associates an enterprise production (distribution) certificate with a wildcard app ID rather than an explicit app ID. Because a wildcard is not tied to a particular app, you may currently be signing multiple apps using a single wildcard provisioning profile. Apple seems to be deprecating support for wildcard app IDs and provisioning profiles, and iOS 9 may no longer support certain functionality with apps that are signed with wildcard profiles. Therefore, if you have used a wildcard provisioning profile to sign the Apperian App Catalog or any of the apps distributed through it, you need to create explicit provisioning profiles for each of those apps (and any of their app extensions).

App signing is complicated

As John explained in the podcast, app signing is a difficult process for just about anyone building enterprise mobile apps. Apple keeps everyone on their toes with every new iOS release and product unveiling, like the Apple Watch, making changes to the way app signing needs to be done. For Apperian customers, we take that pain away and make app signing as easy as possible, even for our non-technical administrators. If you're interested in learning how we automate app signing, watch this demo or contact us here!

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