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Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy

DMCA Copyright Act Policy
of Apperian, Inc.
Rev. 3/1/2012

In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (17 USC § 512) (“DMCA”), Apperian is registered with the US Copyright Office as an online service provider. It is Apperian’s policy to follow the procedure provided in the DMCA with respect to claims that anything uploaded or posted by a customer, end user, or other subscriber or account holder through the EASE Services or on any Apperian website infringes copyright. It is also Apperian’s policy that, under appropriate circumstances, Apperian may terminate such person’s authorization to use EASE Services or Apperian website if such person is a repeat infringer. Any notification of claimed copyright infringement must be in writing, sent to Apperian’s Designated Agent by mail or e-mail, and otherwise comply with the DMCA. The mail and e-mail addresses and the fax number to which to send the notification are below (phone calls will NOT serve as adequate notification). Apperian may change this policy from time to time by posting a new policy on its website.