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Application Protection

Shields apps from reverse engineering, tampering, data exfiltration, and API exploits at the application endpoint. Detects and counters threats in real time to protect businesses from brand damage, financial loss, intellectual property theft, data loss and resulting government penalties.

By 2022, at least 50% of successful attacks against clickjacking and mobile apps could have been prevented using in-app protection.

Market Guide for In-App Protection

Protecting Apps from the Inside Out


Comprehensive Code-Level Security
  • Obfuscates source code, inserts honeypots and implements other deceptive code patterns to deter and confuse threat actors
  • Triggers defensive measures automatically if suspicious activity is detected, including app shutdown, user sandbox, or code self-repair
  • Injects essential app code protections and threat detection sensors into CI/CD cycle after code development, without disrupting the DevOps process


Key and Data Protection
  • Encrypts static or dynamic keys and data embedded or contained within app code
  • Protects sensitive data at rest within an app or in transit between the app and server
  • Supports all major cryptographic algorithms and modes with FIPS 140-2 certification


Real-Time Threat Data
  • Notifies organizations of app reputation, real-time attacks, and provides the ability to suspend accounts or step up transaction or access authentication
  • Insights help optimize and adapt protection based on attack insights and trends including how, when, where and by whom the app is targeted
  • Delivers threat data feeds end-to-end, making threat data accessible via a browser or easy integration with existing SIEM, BI and fraud prevention platforms


Arxan Application Protection Stops
  • Reverse engineering, debugging and code tampering
  • Encryption key discovery and API manipulation
  • Financial fraud or credential, data and IP theft
  • Malware insertion, spoofing and data exfiltration
  • Cheating or piracy of games, apps or digital content

Whether web, desktop, hybrid or mobile app protection is needed, Arxan has a solution.

Arxan Application Security

Enterprise Solution
Comprehensive and designed to deliver real, sustained value

Multi-Layered App Protection

Adaptive app and data protection prevents tampering, IP theft and reverse engineering

Advanced Threat Team

Industry-recognized security thought-leaders with more than 50 years of experience

Visibility & Intelligence

Real-time analytics and predictive intelligence against potential threats

Enterprise Customer Success

Comprehensive suite of services, tailored to each enterprise’s singular needs

The Importance of App Security

Any application not properly protected whether for mobile, desktop, or web is at risk of being exploited by bad actors. Unprotected app vulnerabilities are impacting organizations across industries and around the world. Arxan commissioned research by Aite Group to assess just how widespread app vulnerabilities are.

It took an average of only 8.5 minutes to crack the apps analyzed in the study, underlying the importance of protecting applications.

The following was observed-all of which can be prevented or drastically minimized with proper app security measures in place:
  • Exposure of personal user data (names, email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses) due to improper data storage techniques [observed in 83% of apps tested]
  • Inadvertent data leakage due to sharing services with other apps on a device [observed in 90% of apps tested]
  • Vulnerability to insertion of malicious code (client-side injection) which can lead to skimming of user credentials or payment info; or to stealing of copyrighted content or other sensitive intellectual property [observed in 43% of apps tested]
  • Weak encryption, which can provide bad actors with full access to see or modify sensitive user data while in transit and lead to data exposure, key leakage, broken authentication and spoofing attacks [observed in 80% of apps tested]
  • Insecure in-app storage (hard-coding) of API keys and private certificates, which means once the app is cracked open, attackers have the ability to decrypt data such as financial transactions [observed in 27% of apps tested]
  • Execution of processes as the root user account, which translates to attackers potentially gaining access to disable services, read restricted data, copy of all transactions, and more [observed in 40% of apps tested]

There are countless potential security threats to applications. When addressed properly with application protection security solutions-including JavaScript protection, threat detection and limiting API connections to known good sites, along with defensive measures that can shut down application functionality in the event of an attack-effective application security enables customers to detect and protect against active threats, shielding businesses and consumers from data breaches and financial losses.

Application Protection Technology

Application Hardening

Application hardening is a process of taking a finished application and making it more difficult to reverse engineer and tamper.

App Code Obfuscation

Code obfuscation is transforming a software program into code that’s difficult to disassemble and understand, but has the same functionality as the

Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)

Arxan's application and mobile app protection solutions go beyond Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) by providing layered and adaptive app

White-Box Cryptography

White-box cryptography uses encryption, obfuscation, and mathematical transformations to secure keys and critical data inside applications running