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Arxan for Desktop or Server

App Security and Threat Detection to Protect Desktop and Server Applications


Desktop and server-centric applications come in many forms, run across multiple platforms and can be susceptible to reverse engineering. In today’s zero-trust world, the need to protect customer, business and IP data is greater than ever and should be at the center of every organization's app development strategy.

Arxan for Desktop or Server protects applications with code hardening technology.


Equally important to code protection is threat detection. The ability to detect and alert on active reverse engineering or tampering attacks is essential to getting in front of desktop or server app attacks and stopping them before they go viral.

With integrated threat detection and alerting, Arxan for Desktop or Server closes the loop between protection and understanding their real-time threat posture.


Providing full protection for desktop or server apps also requires that communication keys, API locations and critical in app data be encrypted to protect against attacks. Arxan Key & Data Protection encrypts static and dynamic keys and sensitive application data with white-box cryptography that utilizes mathematical techniques and transformations to blend together app code and keys to secure cryptographic operations.

Multi-Layered Approach to Protecting Critical Applications

  • Static protection - obfuscates source code, making it harder for attackers to understand and analyze for reverse engineering
  • Active protection - in the event of reverse-engineering, tampering or malware attacks, the app can be shut down, sandboxed, or attacked code can be self-repaired
  • Randomized code obfuscation – insert honeypots and deceptive code patterns to increase the difficulty of reverse engineering and tampering
  • Real-time alerting - notifies organizations of attempted code tampering or other suspicious behavior via Arxan Threat Analytics to quarantine suspicious accounts and update code protections as needed
  • Customizable attack response – Shut the app down, change app functionality, or revise business logic or check additional sensors
  • Protection at the speed of DevOps - rapidly inject essential app code protections and threat detection sensors after code development, without disrupting your DevOps process

Arxan for Desktop or Server Tech Specs


  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux


  • C/C++*/C# (Windows / .NET)
  • C/C++*/Objective C/Swift (MacOS)
  • C/C++* (Linux)


  • Visual Studio (Windows)
  • Xcode (MacOS)
  • gcc & clang (Linux)

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