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Arxan for Hybrid

Comprehensive hybrid app security and threat detection

Securing hybrid apps and understanding their threat posture from the moment they are published is critical to managing risk in today’s zero-trust world.


Cybercriminals can reverse engineer hybrid JavaScript business logic as well as device-centric native code to steal customer identities, intellectual property or to gain access to back office systems. Arxan for Hybrid delivers complete (iOS/Android) hybrid app protection with code hardening technology enabling runtime protection against reverse engineering and code tampering. Arxan-protected apps have the ability to disable app functionality when attacked and repair attacked code.


Equally important to hybrid app security is threat detection. The ability to detect and alert on active reverse engineering or tampering attacks is essential to getting in front of hybrid app attacks and stopping them before they can inflict damage. With integrated threat detection and alerting, Arxan for Hybrid closes the loop between protecting hybrid apps and understanding their real-time threat posture — from the moment an app is published.


Providing full protection for hybrid apps also requires that communication keys, API locations and critical in app data be encrypted to protect against attacks. Arxan Key & Data Protection delivers added security by encrypting static and dynamic keys and sensitive application data with white-box cryptography that utilizes mathematical techniques and transformations to blend together app code and keys to secure cryptographic operations.

Complete Hybrid App Security

  • Integrated Threat Analytics for real-time threat detection and alerting that delivers an understanding of the threat posture of every published app
  • Rapid time-to-protection that can be integrated into the DevSecOps process without disrupting development or production with smooth, post-code integration
  • Static and runtime protections to safeguard hybrid apps against reverse engineering attacks and tampering
  • Jailbreak or rooted device detection and alerting on apps running in compromised environments, so the organization can take appropriate action
  • Self-protecting code guards monitor and defend apps against attack — eliminating single point of failure protection
  • Critical app data and static and dynamic key encryption for hybrid development code via white-box cryptography

Rapid Hybrid App Security

  • Essential, unmatched hybrid app protection integration within minutes
  • Streamlined integration with DevSecOps and CI/CD environments
  • Immediate discovery of an app’s risk posture from the moment it’s published

Arxan for Hybrid Tech Specs

Supported Frameworks
  • React Native
  • NativeScript
  • Cordova
  • PhoneGap
  • Ionic

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