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Oct 27, 2011

4 Subtle Reasons The iPhone 4S Is Prime For The Enterprise

The Apple's iPhone 4S is here!  I've had mine since launch and I have been loving it.  While many are focusing efforts on Siri, we should not forget its even better battery life, support for CDMA and GSM in one device (i.e. "World Phone"), screen mirroring and an amazing camera.  These more subtle improvements are what makes it the best enterprise mobile device to date (note that I'm just focusing on the hardware, as iOS 5 is a whole other discussion).

  • Battery Life - When I started telling my wife about the new iPhone 4S, the only thing she really cared about was battery life.  Everything else was a nice to have for her, but being able to have an amazing device that can continue to work all day long without having to be constantly plugged in was a must have feature.  I've personally enjoyed better battery life with each new iPhone release, and am looking forward to it as well.  In the enterprise, saying that your battery just died in the middle of an important sales call just doesn't cut it.
  • Support for CDMA and GSM - I was surprised that the iPad 2 didn't have this feature.  By including both in one device, it's a total win-win, where consumers can now roam on either network and Apple/carrier now only need to worry about one single device.  The world phone capability is what has kept many enterprise professionals on Blackberries...until now.
  • Screen Mirroring - This is a killer feature for any mobile device, and even better when you see it work wirelessly.  I absolutely love that I can see my iPad 2's display on my TV and/or projector, and can't wait for the same capability with the iPhone 4S.  In the enterprise, I can now give presentations from my iPhone.  This is a pretty cool capability, and further reduces the "stuff" I have to bring with me to meetings.
  • Amazing Camera -The enterprise has been very hesitant about cameras.  Corporate espionage has never been easier, but once you get past those concerns, you realize just how amazing a tool the camera can be.  Every time I leave a conference room where the white board was used, I take a picture of it, then erase the board.  Leaving sensitive information on a whiteboard can lead to unintentional information leakage, especially when you entertain many outside parties and share conference rooms.  If you can capture the information in high fidelity and send it out to the people who have a need to know, it's easy to erase the board. Beyond whiteboads, you can now enable everyone in your organization to create high quality movies and images of products, places, and anything else that will resonate.  So stop typing so much and start using your optical 1,000 words device.

What are your thoughts on the iPhone 4S?  Are you planning on getting one or did you already?  Is it living up to your expectation or beyond?  What one thing are you looking for in the next iPhone?


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