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Sep 10, 2014

Apperian Reacts to Apple's iPhone 6, iOS8, Apple Pay, and Apple Watch

Smart watch As anticipated, Apple made some big announcements on September 9, 2014, including their first wearable, the Apple Watch, and their foray into mobile payments, Apple Pay.
  • iPhone 6 & 6 Plus are thinner, faster, and larger versions of the iPhone. Users now have the choice of two screen sizes.
  • Apple Pay will allow iPhone 6 users the capability to pay with their credit cards via NFC with over 220,000 participating retailers. Major credit cards and banks are already participating with more coming soon.
  • Health monitoring with a dashboard built into iOS8.
  • Apple Watch (as with Apple Pay, they are breaking their "i" naming convention) coming in early 2015 was revealed to be a quite fashionable foray into wearables.
What do these updates mean for the enterprise? Well, devices are constantly changing, and as dictated by employee adoption, corporate IT will have to adapt. If the iPhone 6/+ follow the same pattern as the iPhone 4, 5 & iPads, adoption within the first 2 weeks will be very fast, and these phones WILL show up to work! The larger iPhones will make it easier to access existing enterprise websites and easier in general for people to use for general business usage. As a great example of Internet of Things (IoT), the Apple Watch might make its way into the enterprise. Will your watch now remind you that you have a customer meeting in 1 hour and provide you driving directions? With apps and data proliferating and becoming ubiquitous across a diverse set of devices, having a app-centric approach to managing apps is becoming more critical than ever.  We have long believed that a device-centric approach is a losing battle with the speed at which new devices are coming to market. Unfortunately, if companies have implemented a device-centric management strategy, all those new shiny devices will need to be arduously enrolled and the old iPhones un-enrolled. Just make sure your old phone doesn’t get completely wiped! With so many device announcements, let's not forget that iOS8 which brings a number of cool features that will be of interest to business app developers such as:
  • Touch ID
  • Pier to pier file transfer/airdrop
  • Extensions – “global content filter” plugin – Web proxy filter
  • Continuity experience – being able to read an email or web page from an iPhone and have it open when you get to your desktop
Of course, Apperian will support iOS8 when it becomes available on September 17, 2014. Our customers will receive more information about support and any changes to how they manage their enterprise apps.


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