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Mar 12, 2011

Apperian Releases EASE 1.5

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Apperian has released EASE version 1.5. For full details on the release check out the EASE WIKI Release Notes. Some of the great new features and enhancements include:

  • Support for Active Directory authentication. This includes a capability for Active Directory users to be automatically provisioned in EASE.
  • Support for iOS configuration profiles created with the IPCU (iPhone Configuration Utility). Administrators can now upload configuration profiles, which will appear in the app listing. This allows the unique ability to create a profile that cannot be removed by users (something even MDM cannot do!)
  • Apps may be marked as mandatory. If an app is mandatory, when a user starts the app catalog, if the mandatory app has not been installed, the user will be prompted at that time to install it.
  • App updates now have a date by which they become mandatory. Prior to that date, users who have the app will be offered the update but not forced to take it. After the mandatory date, users who have the app will be forced to update it.
  • Administrators can now choose the order that apps appear on the App Catalog. This provides full control over the listing, and allows you to place "featured" apps at the top of the list.
  • There are several additional reports, including a report showing users and group associations, a report showing user details, and an "inventory" report that lets you see exactly which user has which app and version on each device.
  • User bulk import now supports two additional values. If a Groups column is present, the upload will use it to assign users to the specified groups. If a Passwordcolumn is present, the upload will assign the specified password to each user.
  • The limit for user bulk import has been raised. You may now upload as many as 1000 users in a single CSV file.
  • Groups can now be imported in bulk from a CSV file. This file can be manually generated, or saved from Active Directory.
  • The maximum size of an uploaded file has been increased. You may now upload a file as large as 100MB.
  • The option to send an App Catalog download link via SMS now includes options for AT&T (US), Verizon (US), and Rogers (Canada).

On top of all of this, we have provided additional customization for Enterprise customers, including an automated build system with your branding and authentication method. In addition, any users attempting to directly "register" on the EASE server without an invitation will be directed to contact their administrators with a custom message.


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