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Jun 29, 2011

Apperian: Through the eyes of an intern

0As a student with only a year of college programming under my belt, the thought of working at a cutting-edge mobile application company made me apprehensive at best.

I was uncertain that I had the necessary skill set to intern at Apperian, as my experience consisted only of programming in Scheme. Despite being virtually unused in industry, the language is widely taught at schools across the nation. In addition to my experience qualms, I wondered what the company culture would be like.

Would my programming internship be akin to the stereotypical cubical job shown in the movie "Office Space," where I spent my time doing mundane tasks, dealing with an unpleasant boss, and dreaming of the destruction of the company with my coworkers?

Luckily, my experience thus far has been the quite the opposite. My fears of inadequacy went away as I quickly picked up the language I was to use, and progressed from learning exercises to working on an actual project. My coworkers were extremely helpful and were constantly providing answers to any questions I had, along with valuable advice.

The company organization and culture most stood out to me, completely defying any programming job stereotypes that popular culture has propagated. Rather than cubicles, the office is a wide open sunlit room with large glass-top desks grouped near each other to allow easy conversation and collaboration. The atmosphere in the office is one of liveliness and innovation, and Apperian employees are clearly excited about their work, and work together efficiently in teams.

Although my limited experience has me working on a more isolated side project, I'm included in all of the developer meetings, which has given me great perspective on how the team accomplishes tasks while utilizing individuals' ideas.

Overall, I'm thoroughly enjoying my work at Apperian and learning a lot. The mobile field is hot, and it's going to be very interesting to see what's in the company's bright future.


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