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Jun 05, 2014

Is Apple Poised to Take Over the Mobile Enterprise?

Is Apple Poised to Take Over the Mobile Enterprise?

Apple has always been synonymous with consumer apps. But as Apple continues its transition under CEO Tim Cook and looks for new opportunities to drive innovation and growth, the company may well be looking to expand its reach beyond the consumer market and into the mobile enterprise. According to Gartner, less than .01% of consumer mobile apps will be considered a financial success by their developers through 2018. And while Apple will no doubt continue to rely on its Apple App Store as a cash cow and foster the development of consumer apps, the company will likely explore new revenue-generating territory, including a greater push into enterprise mobile apps.

The buzz among some industry pundits is that Apple may be looking to make a significant push into several vertical markets, including the development of a healthcare platform that would allow it to connect and distribute data between an iWatch (should Apple decide to build a smart watch) and various devices; from heart and oxygen monitors at doctor’s offices, to exercise equipment at local gyms. As the market for enterprise apps continues to gain momentum, this may turn out to be one of the next big opportunities that Tim Cook and Apple (as well as countless app developers) decide to pursue. Especially as the tablet market continues to grow and company employees expand their use of tablets to handle daily work activities.... Read the full article on WIRED Innovation Insights.


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