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Jan 27, 2014

Bracing for BYOD 2.0

Bracing for BYOD 2.0A growing number of industry experts maintain that we're in the era of bring your own device (BYOD) 2.0 where the needs of the employee and the enterprise are coming into full alignment. In a clear distinction made by Bob Egan in a post for Forbes, “If BYOD 1.0 has been responding to the needs of the employee, BYOD 2.0 efforts will focus more on where the the needs of the enterprise and the employee intersect. Perhaps the most valuable key attribute of BYOD 2.0 will be to provide right-time experience (user interface + user experience) to the systems, solutions and points of collaboration that are mutually relevant to the company and to the employee.” We couldn't agree more. In fact, we would take this a step further by underscoring how BYOD works most effectively when there is clear mutual benefit to both the employee and to the company. When companies are able to provide employees with an enterprise app store that's easy to navigate, find, and download applications, both the company and employees win. As companies develop more enterprise mobile apps, their IT organizations will also need to strike a balance between putting in place mobile app security policies that protect the organization and its customers from misuse of proprietary data via malware, trojans, viruses, etc. without crafting policies that are too wieldy or draconian for employees to abide by. This will become even more important as employees expand their use of enterprise apps beyond mobile email and adopt other types of productivity-enhancing apps such as mobile CRM, mobile ERP, mobile sales automation, or field service tools, etc. An enterprise mobility solution focused on mobile application management (MAM®) can address the convergence between satisfying the needs of both employees and enterprises. Our MAM platform is designed with the kind of flexibility that makes it easy for employees to locate and use the types of mobile tools that can help them do their jobs better while providing IT with a level of automation and sophistication that makes mobile management easy and logical. Using MAM, companies can provide employees access only to those apps that they are qualified to download based on their roles. Meanwhile, as the BYOD 2.0 era ushers in countless new productivity-enhancing apps for companies to exploit, employees can rest assured that their personal data won’t be disrupted on their devices.


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