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Mar 26, 2013

BYOD Network Performance during March Madness

As March Madness is set to go full throttle, millions of employees bringing their personal devices to work -- courtesy of the bring your own device (BYOD) movement -- will be streaming college basketball games in the workplace. This raises a number of security concerns for enterprise IT since many employees who look to use “free” streaming sites are apt to inadvertently download malware or viruses that could corrupt their mobile devices and infect enterprise mobile apps and sensitive data that’s contained in them. Mobile Application Management (MAM) solutions secure and manage apps so that enterprise mobility apps are protected even while they’re being used. Enterprise IT departments accordingly struggle each March to play the role of network gatekeeper in their efforts to restrict the type of content employees attempt to access and ensure the viability of the network infrastructure for business managers and employees to access corporate apps. Chicago-based executive search firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas estimates that as many as 3 million U.S. employees will spend up to three hours of their workdays watching college basketball as the bulk of the games tipped off last Thursday and Friday. Due to concerns over the potential impact to network performance and enterprise security, 48% of IT professionals plan to limit or block access to March Madness streams on corporate networks, according to a survey by Modis, a provider of IT staffing services. Enterprise IT organizations can utilize MAM solutions in a number of ways to help ensure that network performance is robust during the height of March Madness while corporate apps and data are properly secured. For instance, in addition to using MAM to protect enterprise mobility apps and data from malware, trojans, and viruses, enterprise IT can also use MAM to lock or wipe a particular mobile device in extreme cases if an employee has downloaded malware that demonstrates the potential to infect the network or other employees' mobile devices. Meanwhile, mobile app management solutions enable enterprise IT to centrally manage all aspects of the mobile application lifecycle seamlessly, including inspection of mobile apps for security flaws and malware, using a cloud-based environment. This type of zero-touch security model doesn't require enterprise IT to impose restrictive mobile device management (MDM) policies, thus protecting the privacy rights of BYOD users while protecting enterprise apps and enterprise data.


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