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May 22, 2014

Considerations for Your Enterprise Mobile App Platform

App Wrapping is A Form of Containerization

When many decision-makers begin their research to explore the potential for a mobile app platform, they often take an either/or approach. That is, they either are focused on identifying and selecting a platform that offers the best option for managing enterprise mobile apps or they’re intent on finding a mobile app platform that provides the best value for developing apps. With Apperian, discriminating customers are able to take advantage of the best of both worlds. We’ve released a collection of open APIs that reveals a set of programming interfaces to our web services that enable our customers and partners to leverage the power of our Apperian platform. Web services provide a way for programs to communicate over the Internet.

Through an application programming interface (API), one program can make a request to another program’s web service and then use the response to perform functions in its web site or application. Let’s say an Apperian customer wants to add a button to a company portal that allows its employees to easily sign up for its enterprise app store. The code behind the button will send a request to Apperian’s web services to add a new user to EASE. Apperian will respond with a link to download the app catalog to the user’s mobile device. Meanwhile, Apperian’s app publishing API program allows for mobile application developers to publish apps directly into Apperian’s mobile application management (MAM®) platform and enterprise app catalogs from partners’ user interfaces.

This makes it fast and easy for companies to publish, inspect, secure, and sign new apps and app versions to the entire organization for testing, piloting, and full app deployment. Having the full range of these capabilities is crucial. An app’s life only begins at the point of development. The most effective way to ensure that enterprise apps are secured and actually adopted is to use an enterprise app store that’s backed by an admin that manages the full application lifecycle. The right mobile app platform provides companies intent on driving employee productivity with openness and flexibility.


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