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Sep 04, 2013

Deploy Your First App On Us with ApperianONE

The ApperianONE program is no longer available. If you are interested in setting up a new enterprise app store for your organization, please contact us or sign up for a free trial, and you could be deploying enterprise mobile apps in a matter of a few clicks. 
  Deploying mobile apps and content to your end users hasn’t been easy – particularly if using cumbersome device-side technology. End-user adoption is often abysmal, reducing the ROI of your mobile investment. It’s time the workforce actually used their enterprise apps, so today we're announcing ApperianONE™.
ApperianONE Welcome
“App adoption rates are surprisingly low given the rate of device proliferation occurring in today’s modern enterprise, as often times companies are led to believe that application management is a check-box and simple app stores are sufficient to drive adoption. The reality is that it takes more than that to get enterprise mobile apps adopted by employees. ApperianONE allows enterprises to get a first-hand look at an efficient and effective way to manage the entire lifecycle of application deployment that can lead to higher levels of app usage.” - Eric Klein, senior mobility analyst for VDC Research
You can deploy any single enterprise app (custom iOS or Android app or a hybrid web app) and any number of public apps with your very own, custom-branded enterprise app catalog for up to 100,000 employees. That’s how confident we are that Apperian can help drive adoption in your enterprise. Your first app is on us! Sign Up your organization today! Read the full press release.


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