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Dec 17, 2013

Enterprise Mobility Solutions: Velocity = Success

Enterprise Mobility Solutions Velocity = SuccessMomentum is critical for running a successful business, and the higher the velocity you can achieve, the more business you can close. The trick is to find (and use) the tools to make it happen in a predictable and repeatable way. As always, your business processes will need to evolve, but an enterprise mobility solution can be one of your best partners in making deals happen as fast as you can negotiate them – it's always with you when you do business. The evolution of business processes started with business relationships, and deals, over potentially great distances (think of spice trading in the ancient world at camel-speeds). Each subsequent advance in technology – vehicles, voice communication, the Internet – has increased the speed of communications and logistics, with a corresponding drop in the costs of doing business (and products themselves). Enterprise apps deliver another sea change by combining human driven communication with computing technology. Much work once requiring a human can now be performed by the device at wire-speed. An enterprise mobility solution makes it easy to build new enterprise mobile apps and create applications out of company intranet web pages. Your phone is no longer just for communication, but provides the resources you need to build relationships, pitch and negotiate deals, and provide ongoing service for your customers. Need to be refreshed on the names and titles of your contacts during an upcoming sales call? How about the latest status of the order they're always asking about? Wouldn't it be great to have the up-to-the-minute curated feed of news relevant to to your customer? Did you remember to check up on all the details you committed to when the deal was made, or to ask about the upcoming birth of your customer's child? In the past, this information might have been filed away back in the office, or on your internal intranet as delivered by marketing or business groups. Today, the latest information can be available in your pocket whenever you want it. Enterprise mobility solutions that take advantage of mobile application management (MAM®) can move you beyond just better access to information into the frontier of modeling and driving business workflows. Your enterprise apps could be aware of the steps already completed in your contract workflow, remind you about the pieces that still need to be completed, and automatically kick off the next step when you've completed all the prerequisites. Clicking on the button marked “lead is qualified” could automatically update your CRM system and alert your colleagues to take the next steps to build the relationship. It's exciting to increase the pace of your business with a capable business tool that's always available and ready to deliver exactly what you need to move more quickly. Remember your competition is likely taking advantage of enterprise mobile apps to up their game -- you need that  extra velocity just to stay ahead of them.


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