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May 13, 2014

Exploring the Future of Mobile via The Cloud and the Internet of Things

Exploring the Future of Mobile via The Cloud and the Internet of Things

North Bridge Venture Partners and GigaOM Research have launched the 4th Annual Future of Cloud Computing Survey -- which includes more than 60 industry collaborators. The number of companies collaborating on the study has grown from 31 participants to 66 since the study was launched in 2011.

As organizations increase their use of both cloud and enterprise mobile apps, it’s critical for employees to be able to easily access the applications and functionality they need to do their jobs effectively. In fact, one of the key findings from the 2013 study is that as cloud services proliferate, a growing number of people are recognizing and acting on opportunities for using cloud services both in their personal and professional lives. This includes the use of device-agnostic mobile apps for sales force automation, email, field service, prospecting, and other types of applications. “The key is how do you make BYOD productive and easy for employees to use while also making it manageable for IT,” says Michael Skok, a Partner at North Bridge Venture Partners. Skok predicted after analyzing the results of the 2013 study that the rise of bring your own device (BYOD) would lead to greater demand for bring your own apps and bring your own “cloud service.” This, in turn, would increase the importance for interoperability and use of open APIs in support of mobility and BYOD.

Apperian has also witnessed this demand, which is one of the key reasons why we released a collection of open APIs. The open APIs enable our clients to access a set of programming interfaces to our web services to harness the full power of the Apperian enterprise mobility solution. Rather than isolate mobility from the corporate IT infrastructure, we believe that open and extensible enterprise mobility management can help reduce complexity for IT management while enabling the organization to realize the full ROI of mobility.

Meanwhile, the 2014 study being conducted by North Bridge Venture Partners and GigaOM will also explore how the Internet of Things (IoT) is evolving and is expected to impact enterprise mobility. IoT technologies such as iBeacon are already making it possible to influence retail buying behaviors and the experiences that consumers have as they interact with products, says Skok. Looking ahead, IoT may spur a whole slew of new mobile apps for use in retail, manufacturing, financial services, and other industries. When that occurs, Apperian will be ready to support the needs of IT and employees alike.

Click here to take the 2014 Future of Cloud Survey!

For more information about the survey, follow @futureofcloud or #futurecloud.

Mark Lorion

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