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Feb 19, 2013

How to Manage your iOS Enterprise Deployment

With rumors circulating of an iWatch, could those thousands of iPads you just purchased for your team be a thing of the past? The short answer is – probably not. But while these devices were once a “must-have” for the mobile workforce, you now have a slight situation – how to distribute them, update them and secure them. Paul Lanzi, then the Enterprise Mobility Manager at Genentech, had over 14,000 iPads and iPhones under his watch, according to a feature on his management of these thousands of devices. And he’s not that focused on the devices. That’s pretty cool in our book.

Here are a few of the things he’s doing that we can all learn from:

Focus on job function:

In Lanzi’s case, they didn’t deploy a laptop and an iPad to every member of their team. They give the tablets in place of a whole suite of devices for nearly 3,000 employees. This strategy helps workers get what they need and keeps costs down.

Focus on mobile app management (MAM): 

One way that Lanzi made the iOS enterprise deployment successful was to put a focus on an enterprise app store and the usefulness of the apps. He asks employees for their feedback in light of how they use the apps and uses that feedback to update and retire apps.

Have a plan for a future in BYOD: 

Lanzi’s focus on mobile application management and a move to HTML 5 sets the company up for success in case they adopt a BYOD policy – which they are considering. This platform-independent app strategy helps them avoid being device dependent and is a smart move in the event they move away from a standard device to a more “consumerized” approach.

Next Steps: If you’re in the midst of deploying thousands of a device or considering a move to BYOD, here’s a whitepaper that can guide you toward a holistic enterprise mobility management solution that goes well beyond device security and management.


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