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May 15, 2013

Increased Security with Role-Based Enterprise Mobile Apps

OK, you’ve decided to support mobile apps. Great decision. But now you have to figure out the best way to deliver your enterprise mobile apps to your workforce. First, the best way for IT to distribute mobile apps is through an enterprise app store.

A company that deploys an enterprise app store can save money by controlling which apps employees can download as well as cap the numbers of licenses in use. Because security is so critical, a company with an enterprise app store can breath easier knowing its workers aren’t downloading apps that can put the business at risk, and an enterprise app store lets IT distribute line of business apps to any mobile device; smartphones, tablets, phablets – and any operating system; Android, iOS, Blackberry.

With an enterprise app store, line of business execs can work with IT to control which employees have access to which line of business app based on their roles in the company. This handles the specifics of which applications can be distributed to, and accessed by, individual employees. IT can ensure that these role-based enterprise mobile apps give users the features and capabilities as well as the necessary data they need to do their jobs. Employees will jump at the chance to download apps that make the most sense for them and will make their jobs easier – thus ensuring increased productivity and user adoption.

Here’s an example of how a manufacturing company might use role-based enterprise mobile apps: Each day, service technicians are required to do several different jobs. The service department leaders could determine the five or six of these tasks their technicians absolutely have to do when they’re on the road, such as ordering a small part for a repair job. These techs don’t need to access the entire, complex application for field service technicians. Rather, all they need is to be able to download one-off apps that are specific to their roles and easy to use. Role-based enterprise mobile apps can be used for just about any job in any vertical.

The key to creating role-based apps employees want to download and use is for line of business leaders to work with IT to analyze their department’s processes and systems so they prioritize the features and capabilities of the various role-based apps. Doing this will ensure that the company determines the apps that employees – or groups of employees – need to become more productive, thereby improving the efficiency of the business.  


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