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Oct 15, 2013

Lowering the Barrier for Entry into Mobile App Development

One of the major factors preventing enterprises from entering the mobile app development arena is the prospect of long term management and administration. Deploying, modifying, and updating mobile apps can be so cost prohibitive that a recent Appcelerator survey of enterprise leaders revealed that nearly three-quarters of companies have built fewer than five applications, and around 40% have either built one or none at all. The truth is, despite the fact that sourcing a mobile app development team is fairly easy these days, most are incapable of providing the post-deployment support that is now vital in today’s market. Mobile application management (MAM™) may not have existed a few years ago, but it’s something all enterprises and IT leaders should familiarize themselves with. Beyond the development stage, apps need to be inspected, reviewed, and packaged for their respective platforms before being deployed. This is where MAM™ comes into play. Streamlining these steps by using a single platform can drastically reduce the long term cost and effort required to maintain enterprise mobile apps. With nearly 2,000,000 apps available between Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Blackberry as of May 2013, customers and employees have more choice in apps than ever before and expect them to remain fully functional, compatible, and compliant at all times. In order to succeed in achieving high adoption rates and a maximum ROI, enterprises must start with a good foundation by focusing on usability from the initial design phase through to the deployment and update stages. Managing a user-friendly enterprise mobile app through a single platform and utilizing processes such as app wrapping to conform to enterprise policies removes a lot of the complexities traditionally involved in releasing and maintaining mobile apps. Now that a majority of enterprises have put mobile applications towards the top of their priority lists, it’s imperative to start thinking about entering the mobile app arena sooner rather than later.


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