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Sep 08, 2011

MacTechGroup Meeting

Wednesday, September 7th The MacTechGroup held the meeting at MIT (Cambridge, MA)

Apperian's Jeremy Debate - Architect SDK & Cloud Services , Gerry Gold - Senior Developer and Reinhard Schumak - Director Product Management were invited to present an overview of Apperian product EASE and demonstrate Apperian's SDK code samples that are designed to help enterprise programmers create mobile apps and discuss common enterprise app development challenges.

Apperian team - Reinhard, Jeremy, and Gerry returned from the event and here is what they had to say:

"The MacTechGroup meeting last night was great. About twenty people attended and people asked very good questions. Jeremy did a fantastic job explaining how what we are doing matters to developers, what type of projects we have done in the past, and how developers benefit from our SDK. Gerry added his expert commentary throughout the presentation and during the Q & A session.

People found the presentation very useful. On a rainy Wednesday evening, after a full days worth of work, and listening to us for about 1.5 hours, most people still decided to stick around for another half hour to chat some more.

Apparently, we were the first group who ran everything off their iPads."

From left: Owen Hartnett, Reinhard Schumak, Jeremy Debate


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