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May 21, 2013

Mobile Application Management and Employee Training

A recent survey from the International Association of Administrative Professionals shows that while the number of office professionals using mobile devices and cloud apps has increased, the level of training has not kept up. Additionally, the IAAP’s research shows that admin professionals are mostly responsible for their own training at work -- and with nearly 3 million admins in North America, we’re talking about an ever-expanding segment mobile workforce. This research brings up a good question for mobile application management (MAM); where does it fit with staff training needs alongside BYOD? As one company example shows, enterprise mobile apps are the wave of the future when it comes to employee training -- and for good reason. Employee training offered through game apps like those developed by True Office can increase recall of training material -- but how? As Adam Sodowick, CEO of True Office, told PFSK, games delivered via apps help improve employee engagement with traditionally boring training material. This approach plays on problem solving skills and storytelling to help workers grasp “dry material” that’s important for their jobs. We think these two findings about employee training bring a real issue to the forefront -- employees are using their own devices -- especially in virtual environments -- and they’re increasingly turning to mobile devices and enterprise apps for their work. In fact, the IAAP’s infographic shows that in the next seven years, 71% of workers will use cloud technology to do most of their work. With all of these factors in mind, mobile application management will play a huge role in delivering training to employees. And training surrounding company policies on BYOD and using mobile device and enterprise apps for work will be added to the list of training requirements. Questions to consider with mobile application management and employee training:
  • Who will own the training on BYOD and mobile app policies?
  • Who will train employees on app functionality and support?
  • How will employees access training apps?
  • How will distributed employees get support and updates?
To learn more about the opportunity and challenges facing enterprises and their employees’ mobility, please catch a recap of our webinar; Understanding Enterprise Mobility.


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