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Jan 21, 2014

Mobile Application Management (MAM®) for Contractors

Mobile Application Management (MAM™) for Contractors Contractors are quite common in industries such as construction, which is typically project-based work -- and IT, in which expensive and specialized programmers might only be needed on a temporary basis to complete an app or a systems rollout. Providing contractors with the enterprise apps they need to be most effective comes with unique challenges. In particular, security is extremely important as these workers may need access to extremely confidential information for only a short period of time.  By taking advantage of a mobile application management (MAM®) solution, you can ensure your team of contractors stays connected while ensuring mobile app security, whatever your industry. It's true, companies in all industries are reacting to today’s uncertain economy by moving towards a more temporary workforce in many different areas of the company. In fact, 22% of small business owners said they are more likely to use an independent contractor than a full-time employee, and according to CareerBuilder, 42% of employers plan to use contractors in 2014. Individuals are finding it more appealing to participate in the 1099 economy as well, as the job security of the past has disappeared into thin air. However, regardless of industry or function, the life of a contract employee can be intense (spurts of activity with long days), hectic (balancing activities with multiple clients), and filled with travel. Expectations are high, as clients expect high productivity and immediate response to issues. As part of the BYOD movement, contractors will likely provide their own personal smartphones and tablets. This can prove beneficial, as companies won't have to buy or provide devices for a temporary worker. Mobile application management helps facilitate a way to transition these foreign devices on and off the network efficiently using enterprise apps as their project begins and ends -- without affecting personal data. With a mobile application management strategy, IT departments can keep their company’s information secure while providing contractors with the enterprise mobile apps they need to get their job done. MAM helps prevent data leakage, as well. Although the typical contractor agreement includes an NDA, it's prudent to “help” contractors comply, especially in the case of industry regulations or if dealing with customer data. No one wants to be in the headlines (think about Target’s recent data leakage fiasco) or find that their competitor has inadvertently gotten a hold of confidential information. Mobile application management is ideal for contractors and their host employers as it provides more granular IT control, while minimizing disruption to the contractor’s user experience. With MAM, a user can have multiple profiles on the same device (necessary for contractors with multiple clients). MAM allows for the necessary authentication and data encryption to occur, while making it easy to deactivate an app (effectively disconnecting the contractor) once the project is complete and the contractor has left the building, without disrupting any personal data on the device. Most importantly, with MAM, a company is able to grant access to only the apps that the contractor needs at only the level of access that they need based on their role, and contractors can hit the ground running on their assignment with easy access to the information they need.


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