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Jul 30, 2014

Ensure BYOD Success with a Strategy that Respects Device Owners

Mobile Security You Need with BYOD Your Employees Love

The mobile device market is far too fragmented to support mobile security entirely on a device level. Each employee-owned device is unique and would require an individualized security strategy in order to secure enterprise data. Instead, you can cut through the complexity with a flexible mobile platform that is capable of supporting the entire enterprise mobile application lifecycle, including security. Ensuring mobile app security with a single mobile application management (MAM®) platform makes sense for a number of different reasons. For one, it makes it easier to manage enterprise apps remotely from the cradle to the grave. Administrative tasks, updates, and mobile security features can all be managed from a single point. An enterprise-side platform also operates independent of end user devices, meaning it is a scalable solution equally capable of supporting five devices as it is for 5,000 devices. Perhaps most importantly, shifting security management to the enterprise means that you can deliver a layer of security that is invisible to the end user.

Implement Multiple Layers of Mobile Security

The best way to protect enterprise data without compromising the end user experience is to utilize a broad-spectrum approach that enforces multiple layers of mobile security. Combined, these layers create a secure environment for both the enterprise and BYOD employees. Corporate authentication through single sign-on (SSO), app-level encryption, app disablement, and SDK-free app wrapping are all features that simultaneously support security and simplicity. Managed through an enterprise mobility solution, you can configure these security features dynamically in response to changing requirements or threats, and deploy them seamlessly to applications already installed on user devices.

Ensure BYOD Success with a Strategy that Respects Device Owners

Enterprise apps offer little benefit to your company if employees are hesitant to adopt them based on concerns over their own personal data. Employees generally have no problem with mobile security measures meant to protect corporate data, but are weary of any solutions that may affect their private information. Implementing app-level security features managed through a platform is practically invisible to employees and does not affect their device or personal data in any way, and respecting your employees goes a long way in driving mobile app adoption.

Mobile Security: You Can Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

The reality of the situation is that regardless of how complex and fragmented the mobile device market is, you can still have your BYOD cake and eat it too. The key is to move away from mobile device management (MDM) techniques and start focusing on app-level security with mobile application management (MAM). Managing mobile apps through a single platform cuts through the IT complexity and offers a more flexible, dynamic approach to security that protects corporate data without negatively impacting the BYOD experience. To learn more, join me next Tuesday, August 5th at 12:00 PM ET, as I discuss "Mobility Security You Need with BYOD Your Employees Love." You can reserve your spot here.


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