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Feb 18, 2014

Mobile World Congress 2014: A Focus on Mobile Security

Mobile World Congress: A Focus on Mobile SecurityAs we look ahead to the 2014 GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in a few weeks, there will be plenty of buzz on the show floor and in the hallways about innovations and the future direction of mobile. And while these discussions are exciting and not to be overlooked, the massive data breach that recently took place at Target along with the continuing firestorm of controversy surrounding the U.S. National Security Agency’s surveillance programs will no doubt result in many conversations about strategies focused on mobile security and corporate data loss prevention during the event. When an enterprise company like Target has sensitive information about 40 million credit cards as well as personal data such as addresses and phone numbers belonging to some 70 million customers stolen by hackers, it’s a major wake-up call for the industry. This level of intrusion is and should be leading corporate IT and business leaders to re-assess their organization’s mobile security strategies to ensure that enterprise apps and data are secure. This includes verifying that employees are following company policies and recommended practices for keeping apps and data safe. Companies walk a fine line with administering bring your own device (BYOD) policies. In most cases, employees own the smartphones, tablets, and other personal devices they’re also using to access enterprise mobile apps. While the use of these apps ultimately helps employees to become more productive and collaborate more effectively, security administrators want to ensure that employees aren’t taking unnecessary risks in their use of corporate apps and data that may leave the enterprise vulnerable to malware and hackers. At the same time, employees don’t want their personal content compromised through the use of invasive mobile management solutions used by their employers. Mobile application management (MAM®) offers a balanced approach to data protection and security for both employers and employees. IT and security administrators can ensure that enterprise apps and data are being protected while employees can be reassured that their own personal devices are being safeguarded without disrupting any personal data or files on their devices. Although cyber criminals often prey on consumer data, there are numerous corporate data breaches that fly under the radar. As companies strive to protect their intellectual property, it’s valuable to educate employees about the vulnerabilities being faced by companies today along with the reasons why employees are asked to follow security policies and how such practices can benefit everyone. Read more about Cimarron's speaking events here.


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