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Dec 18, 2015

Mobility News Briefing - Dec 18

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The Lessons that IT learned in 2015...

The story? Conner Forrest of TechRepublic took a step back to reflect on challenges that IT faced in 2015 and listed the top 10 lessons that resulted -- I'll lay out the top 3 for you.

1. "BYOX is here to stay." It started with smartphones and tablets, now it's just about everything. Cloud, identity, network... you name it.

2. "DevOps is no longer just a buzzword." Rather, it could be the new method of choice for enterprise IT in 2016.

3. "Data is currency." The value of data really ramped up in 2015 as enterprises learned the qualities of relevant data and tools for structured and unstructured data have reached impressive heights in terms of popularity.

Check out the rest of the top 10 lessons IT learned in 2015 in the full story.

The balancing act of BYOD...

The story? Agnes Sheehan of ZDNet made clear the fact that will use their personal devices for work purposes with or without their companies consent. In the common case where employees are doing so behind the backs of their employers, corporate information is severely at risk.

Statistics? Survey results found 30% of employees who use their smartphone for work do so against stated corporate policies.

But, BYOD isn't for everyone...

How to find balance? Speaking from experience, Agnus says "the key is to plan and to take your stakeholders on the journey". BYOD doesn't make sense for every type of worker but figuring out who it makes sense for, planning and providing governance for those cases will ultimately bring positive outcomes.

Full story here.

Olivia Holmes

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