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Feb 05, 2016

Mobility News Briefing - Feb 5

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Healthcare, federal gov't and retail driving growth in mobility spending...

The story: This week EnterpriseAppsTech covered IDC's newly released Worldwide Semiannual Mobility Spending Guide that estimates enterprise and consumer spending on mobile devices, software and services will rise from $1.66 trillion in 2015 to estimated 1.85 trillion in 2019.

Predictions of leading industries: 

Healthcare Industry - Seeing the highest level of growth in mobility spend - estimated to see 7.2% CAGR in the next four years - reaching $30 billion in 2019

Federal + Central Government - estimated 5.7% CAGR due to the adoption of digital transformation models

Retail Industry - estimated 5.6% CAGR on top of the growth the industry has already experienced due to mCommerce

Mobility is causing waves across all industries. We saw similar trends in our recent report on Enterprise Mobile App Trends Report. Download the full report here, or below, and learn:

- How many mobile apps enterprises are deploying on average - Which operating systems are leading the way - What type of mobile apps enterprises are deploying - Which industries are rolling out the most enterprise mobile apps

Mobility is Critical on 64% of Enterprises Tech Agendas...

The story: Louis Columbus shared on Forbes the reason why 64% of enterprises feel that mobility is a critical bullet point on their agendas.

Top mobility advantages enterprises are looking for:

#1 - Improve internal communication - 68% see mobile as critical to improving internal communication

#2 - Customer retention - 82% of financial services firms see mobile technologies as the key to improving relationships with customers

#3 - Increase the speed of decision making - 60% see mobile as critical to selling strategies as more prospects prefer to buy via their mobile devices

Impact: As mobility becomes more essential within enterprises, it is causing an increase of spending on tablets (48%), smartphones (43%), and wi-fi to support these mobile devices (49%). The number of enterprises piloting IoT projects also continues to rise which requires new mobile security precautions to be put into place.

Get the full story and the rest of the stats here

Olivia Holmes

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