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Jan 29, 2016

Mobility News Briefing - Jan 29

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Skeptical of EMM?

If you're skeptical of enterprise mobility management, chances are Jack Madden knows the reason why. This week he published a list of 53, yes you read that correctly, 53 reasons for being skeptical of EMM that he has heard.

I think he covered all of the bases and a few really caught my eye:

"1. Vendor A is giving away seats."

"6. Vendor F's MAM didn't stand up to our penetration test" 

"19. People just think EMM is MDM"

The list goes on and you should check out the whole thing but regardless of the skepticism, Jack explains that, "Today EUC involves mobile devices, mobile apps, and SaaS and cloud apps, no matter what."

In 2016 mobile devices are a vital part life -- whether you're in the office or at home, users expect to be mobile and it's time for companies to get on board.

2016 BYOD evolution...

Scott Matteson reported this week on TechRepublic that BYOD will continue to grow and evolve in 2016 just as much, if not more, than it did in 2015. A recent survey found "72% of organizations polled were permitting BYOD or planning to do so".

He listed 10 ways that BYOD will evolve, I'll lay out the top 3:

1. BYOD = requirement

Employees more and more expect to be able to use their own devices for work purposes, especially the youngest generation of workers who don't even realize this has historically been a privilege, not a guarantee.

In order to prepare for this, organizations need to put BYOD policies in place and have a plan to communicate them with employees to ensure no corporate data is at risk.

2. BYOD = more employees will have to pay the bill

As BYOD becomes the norm, employees bringing their own devices will become a requirement, eliminating the full reimbursement of phone bills by companies or at least decreasing it.

3. BYOD = more apps and cloud resources

As mobile devices become increasingly important to the day to day lives of consumers, the same trend will be seen within companies and employees will be capable of getting many of their work tasks done via their mobile device. Looking beyond corporate calendar and email, custom mobile apps and cloud resources are going to be the key to this evolution.

Get the full list of "10 ways BYOD will evolve in 2016" here.


Olivia Holmes

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