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Mar 18, 2016

Mobility News Briefing - March 18

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PCMag Reviews & Rates MDM Vendors...

This week Paul Ferrill of PCMag shared his review and ratings of mobile device management vendors -- AirWatch, IBM MaaS360, Citrix XenMobile, Amtel Telecom and Mobile Management and Microsoft Intune. Ferrill noted that two other MDM vendors were asked to be in the review -- MobileIron who declined to participate and Good/BlackBerry who couldn't provide a spokesperson in time.

Evaluation Logistics:

For the review, Ferrill tested on iOS, Android and Windows platforms, using 2 phones and 2 tablets to evaluate each MDM vendor. With a focus on mobile management, the following functionality was tested:

  • User / device self-registration
  • Pushing out policies, settings and updates
  • Locating devices
  • Data security measures

Challenges of the Review

Ferrill explained that one of the biggest challenges of this review was drawing the line between mobile device management and mobile application management functionality. With both terms falling under the enterprise mobility management (EMM) bucket, we have also seen this cause confusion for customers and prospects looking to solve their mobile needs. While the line between the two might blur at times, MDM and MAM are two different solutions, built to solve different problems and should not be considered interchangeable. In this roundup, Ferrill focussed exclusively on MDM. Ferrill also noted that BYOD and the use of devices that are under management for personal use is something that IT managers need to be aware of. With employees who want to use their personal device for work purposes, ideally IT should be able to segment work and personal apps in order to control and manage the corporate data while leaving the personal data untouched.

Key Differentiators for Buying Process

  • Ease of enrollment - especially important in large deployment
  • Usability of dashboard / administrator capabilities - ease of tracking down problems and ability to customize reports
  • Device control / lock / wipe - should be able to do quickly in the case of lost devices
  • Data security - a top concern for IT with growing number of security breaches

To see how each MDM vendor ranked, their pros and their cons, check out the full article: The Best Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software of 2016.  

Olivia Holmes

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