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Nov 20, 2015

Mobility News Briefing - Nov 20

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2016 Enterprise Mobility Predictions

The story? Eddie Lockhart of TechTarget collected predictions of what enterprise mobility in 2016 will look like from some of the industry experts -- Bob Egan, Jack Gold, Bob O'Donnell, Lisa Phifer and Benjamin Robbins.

The highlights? Security, IoT, and apps (not devices) -- seem to be the common threads across their expert predictions.

Bob Egan says "Number one is all about mobile security" explaining that companies should focus on securing their information architecture rather than the devices.

Jack Gold says "I see a refocusing on apps that are good enough -- that are quick and inexpensive to deploy" explaining that the apps that companies are currently building take too much time and resources to develop.

Bob O'Donnell says "use mobile for what it's good for: data entry and data capture and things you can do when you're remote" explaining that companies shouldn't just replicate desktop apps when developing mobile apps.

Lisa Phifer says she's "concerned that this trend increases the size and uniformity of the attack surface, especially in devices that aren't going to be very IT-visible or manageable" refering to IoT.

Benjamin Robbins says he sees a trend toward "mobility as a primary compute platform" explaining that devices are "fading into the background; they just become so integrated with what you do."

Defense Industry Ups Spending to Thwart Cyber-Espionage Campaigns

The story? Deena Amato-McCoy from Mobile Enterprise covered a report from ABI Research, "Cyberware Technologies for the Defense Sector", warning government agencies, infrastructure operators and enterprises that they are targets for political and economic cyber-espionage campaigns.

Evidence? By the end of this year the defense industry's primary operators plan to spend over $10 billion on cybersecurity... The threat is large and real.

What to do? Take a look at your company's cyber-offensive investments and considering increasing it with customized malware and surveillance programs.

Olivia Holmes

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