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Nov 06, 2015

Mobility News Briefing - Nov 6

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Employees willing to quit for more flexibility...

The story? Conner Forrest of TechRepublic reports that as mobile devices and cloud collaboration become more commonly used in the enterprise, the need for remote access and work from home models is also increasing. He explains that employees are leading this change and no longer see it as a perk but rather a key requirement when deciding where to work.

The evidence? Forrest cites Softchoice's recent research in which they surveyed 1,700 full-time employees. The key findings:

78% respondents highly value their ability to work remotely 70% are willing to leave their job for one with more flexibility around when and where they could work 62% feel more productive working outside of the office 59% were given a device for work purposes

A notable discrepancy... As more and more employees want the ability to work remotely, providing them with the tools and devices to do so makes a difference. When it comes to working after hours -- 39% of respondents who were provided with a work device felt obligated to do so versus 8% who were not provided with a devices. Also, in terms of being content with their work-life balance -- 45% of employees with devices are content versus 27% without a device.

An unexpected benefit of enterprise app stores...

The story? Alyssa Wood of TechTarget reports that companies who deploy enterprise app stores achieve a greater level of control, security, and monitoring of mobile apps versus the public app store but it doesn't stop there.

An unexpected benefit? The truth is, employees will find a way to use the mobile apps and services that they want to for personal and work purposes even if it means going around IT. Enterprise app stores are helping IT overcome this problem.

It's a win-win. IT is able to make the mobile apps employees want, both custom built and public, available via a secure enterprise app store that unlike the public app store, requires user authentication. Employees remain happy while giving control back to IT to monitor and ensure mobile app and data security for the company.

The answer to the transformation technology conundrum...

The story?  Lara Lackie of ITProPortal notes the descepancy between how CEOs and the board look at BYOD, Cloud and IoT and the way IT and imformation security (IS) look at it. On one hand these technologies offer possible benefits of increased productivity and growth, but on the other they are a gateway to security threats and vulnerabilities.

The answer? Risk management.

The reason? Lackie advises that IT and IS departments join teams and collectively reinvent the way risk is assessed and mitigated rather than trying to integrate the new with the old. This bridge between IT, IS and other departments is key to finding the right balance of "protectionist" and "interventionist" that is required for these transformation technologies.

Olivia Holmes

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