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Oct 16, 2015

Mobility News Briefing - Oct 16

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The technocracy is over...

The story? Brian Contos of CSO says information technology is going through an age of "technocracy" decline (aka the control of an industry by an elite of technical experts), and the reality is organizations no longer have influence over how employees use IT.

Evidence? Four prominent developments have quickly taken hold and are influencing the way business activities have been traditionally done -- Bring Your Own Device, Cloud services, Mobile technology, Social media.

So what? Security! Organizations must consider how these new developments could potentially help and hurt their businesses and put security policies in place to manage that risk.

Cyber crime costs rising...

The story? Michael Heller of TechTarget cites two reports that were published this week that quantify the significant and often rising costs of monetary damages associated with cybercrime and recovering from a cyberattack.

The issue? Budget constraints that IT professionals face are making it difficult for organizations to cope with the rising costs.

So what? Organizations should look to resources already allocated, and experts suggest reallocating budget to application layer security to minimize the risk of cyberattacks.

Drive 50% faster revenue growth...

The story? Jessica Davis of InformationWeek covered Dell's Global Technology Adoption Index saying that survey results prove companies are seeing ~50% faster revenue growth than their competitor when investing in big data, cloud, mobility/BYOD and security than their competitors who didn't invest.

The barriers? Security and cost are the biggest barriers to organizations looking to adopt these technologies. For big data, it's the cost of the IT infrastructure required. For cloud, the type, public or SaaS, versus private or hybrid, determines whether the top barrier is security or cost. For mobility and BYOD, security and cost both top the list, followed by current IT infrastructure, too many IT platforms to support, and limited IT resources. For security, companies are being more strategic with their investments, but companies with small IT budgets tend to allocate less or no budget at all to security measures.

So what? The positive impact of these technologies on revenue growth is clear. Organizations should invest in big data, cloud, mobile and security if they can afford the technology, as well as the measures needed to secure it.

Olivia Holmes

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