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Sep 16, 2013

Mobilizers: Are You Internally Marketing Your Enterprise Apps?

As you know, in today’s world of BYOD (bring your own device) and the increasingly mobile worker, businesses recognize that enterprise apps not only strengthen IT security and control and cut software costs, they can increase worker productivity. But even if you build an enterprise app store and you fill it with top-of-the-line enterprise apps, your workers might not adopt or utilize the apps if they don’t understand what’s in it for them. That’s why you have to shout your app store’s benefits from the rooftops. You have to tell your employees about all the great enterprise apps they can access and how much easier that app store and those apps will make their work lives. The key is to promote a positive understanding among users as to why using enterprise apps are important to them and the company. To do that, you need to ensure you have a strong internal marketing/communication plan for your enterprise apps. This plan should focus on promoting awareness of the apps, demonstrating how they benefit employees, and urging them to access the enterprise app store and download the apps. Additionally, let your mobile workers know the reasons they should only download apps from your app store, and how doing that it will help the organization and increase mobile security.

One way to get your employees on the enterprise app bandwagon is by involving your management team. Ensure your business unit managers understand the importance of your internal marketing plan as well as the importance of using enterprise apps. Then they can tell their mobile workers what to expect, why using enterprise apps is important, and what they’re supposed to do. If your employees see that their bosses are behind your efforts in this area, they’ll be more likely to participate as well. You should also decide how many communications vehicles you want to use to get your message across. Don’t bombard your people with your message. If you do, they’re likely to tune you out. Figure out if you want to talk to your mobile employees in person – one on one or in a group – via email, in a newsletter, etc. Just don’t give them too many places to look because if you do, they might get tired of looking. You might even want to include a contest in your marketing plan. For example, you could ask your managers to quiz their mobile workforce on the information you've provided them on enterprise apps. And you can give them small rewards for getting the answers right. Maybe a gift card to a local restaurant or movie theater. You could play off the fact that these are mobile employees and give them travel perks. And make your marketing plan interactive. Give your employees a way to respond to the information you’re giving them about the benefits of enterprise apps. Urge them to submit comments, and offer feedback. After all, you want to know what they think about your enterprise app program. But your marketing plan shouldn't just introduce your people to your reasons for moving to enterprise apps. It should include ways to keep workers informed about the great new enterprise apps you've uploaded to your enterprise app store to help them overcome their day-to-day business challenges.


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