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Sep 30, 2013

Mobilizers: Make It Easy for Employees to Download Enterprise Apps

So you've invested in an enterprise app store -- and you even selected one that is best in class so you have full application lifecycle management. But are you doing everything possible to make it easy for employees to download enterprise apps? Here are a few points to ponder: As you've no doubt already discovered, the right enterprise app store provides a consistent and familiar experience to employees. This helps make the download experience intuitive and easy for employees without any need for training to access your enterprise apps.

Promoting enterprise mobile apps through an app store -- and assigning apps in the app store to a specific role such as “sales” or “field service” -- can help make it clear to employees where to find apps in the app store that are right for them and their area of responsibility. Since an enterprise app store is easy to use, it's mainly about communicating clearly and effectively to employees the apps that are available and the benefits the apps offer to them.

Try to provide recurring (yet scintillating) email messages to remind them about any enterprise apps available. For instance, highlight the productivity gains that a group of workers or an individual associate has obtained from the use of a particular app (“Jen was able to make 6 presentations to clients and prospects last week using Apple’s Keynote app on her iPad.”).

As part of your email campaigns, publicize the number of downloads that have been conducted on specific enterprise apps (e.g. 186 associates have now downloaded the travel expense tracker since it was added to the app store in July). This type of promotion can remind and encourage outliers to download apps they may have forgotten about or overlooked. Outside of email alerts, there are other communication vehicles that can also be exploited to broadcast apps available for downloading. Grab some space in the company’s e-newsletter to highlight recently-added apps or to list the 5 most popular downloads.

Secure time on the next all-hands agenda to discuss the company’s mobility program and how employees can use it. There are multiple ways to creatively promote enterprise apps that are available to employees. Crafting different types of communications techniques to get the word out can be both fun and resourceful.


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