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Aug 04, 2014

Why Overall App Usage Impacts Enterprise Mobility

Why Overall App Usage Impacts Enterprise Mobility

In a few short years, enterprise apps have permanently altered the business landscape and redefined what it means to work in the modern age. Just seven years after the first iPhone hit the shelves and apps went mainstream, we've officially become an app-centric culture. And for all the potential that enterprise mobility holds, organizations face the challenge of having to compete with the over two million apps available on the Google Play and Apple iOS app stores alone.

The goal of any IT or enterprise mobility manager is to not only develop useful apps, but also aim for the highest possible mobile app adoption rate. Now new data gathered by Nielsen suggests that enterprises need to be mindful of yet another metric: app usage. According to Nielsen, the number of hours smartphone users spent on mobile apps from Q4 2011 to Q4 2013 skyrocketed from 18 hours, 18 minutes to 30 hours, 15 minutes. While that comes as no real surprise, what is perhaps more telling is that the average number of apps smartphone owners interacted with hardly budged over the same period; instead it held steady at around two dozen. This means that while smartphone owners are definitely spending more time using apps, they’re not making room for more apps.

This suggests that in order to successfully leverage the power of enterprise mobility, organizations should look at how often and how regularly BYOD owners interact with enterprise apps instead of simply aiming for high installation rates. The truth of the matter is that just because a BYOD owner installs an app, it doesn't mean that it’s made it into regular their regular rotation, and that's bad for enterprise mobility. With the likes of Google, Facebook, and YouTube competing for user time and attention, organizations need to do all they can make sure their enterprise apps aren't overlooked. The good news is that BYOD owners crave enterprise mobility. They want apps that can increase productivity, streamline business processes and access, and make their lives easier.

But to deliver this organizations need more than just a solid app. They need an enterprise mobility solution that makes it easy for device owners to download and install applications. They need a platform that can effectively release updates, and perhaps most of all, they need a solution supports non-intrusive security features and protects both business and personal data.


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