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May 04, 2015

Progressive Mobile Mentality

One of the common themes I’m seeing with clients and prospects that we've been meeting with is that top performing enterprises and public sector accounts are developing, or already have, a progressive mobile mentality. What do I mean by “progressive mobile mentality" and what are the steps that companies need to take to have one? First, it begins with a cultural mindset for recognizing the benefits that enterprise mobile apps and mobile connectivity can provide to employees, contractors, business partners, professors, students and customers. This includes retailers who are seizing unique opportunities to provide in-store customers with relevant offers while they’re reviewing or near products they’re interested in, or automotive companies that have developed apps for their network of dealers and now want to push these apps out not only to the dealers, but also salespeople working for the dealers. From an employee enablement standpoint, there’s a significant cultural distinction between companies that want to lock down employees’ devices, preventing mobile employees from accessing needed corporate information and those organizations that are embracing mobility and want to open up new opportunities for workers to access and use information to do their jobs more effectively. The biggest distinction between entities that have a progressive mobile mindset versus those that don’t is that those on the leading edge of mobile revolution view mobility as a new tool that gives them an advantage over their competitors. Instead of being afraid of the technology and trying to limit the amount of data available remotely, they take the opposite position. They’re quick to recognize opportunities for using mobile data and enterprise mobile apps that address contemporary workflows and usage habits and make it easier for employees to do their jobs. These are often the same companies that provide customers with mobile connectivity that makes it easier for them to locate, research, and purchase the products and services that interest them. Companies with a progressive mobile mentality also look beyond the traditional workplace for opportunities to improve productivity. These companies are equipping contractors, franchisees and dealers with mobile tools that enable them to get work accomplished regardless of where they may be located. Today, it’s not just a matter of creating or deploying apps that can make employees and other members of the enterprise team more productive. It’s about making these apps visible to key stakeholders and easy for them to access and download.


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