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Jun 01, 2015

Promoting Customer Engagement through Mobile Applications

With tablet sales outpacing PC sales and mobile searches eclipsing desktop queries for the first time, we are quickly becoming a mobile-first society. For companies looking to stay relevant in the digital age, promoting customer engagement using mobile technology needs to shift to the top of the priority list. Adopting a mobile-first focus with customers starts with employees, particularly with sales and marketing. With mobile devices in hand and access to the right mobile applications, customer-facing employees have the tools they need to foster customer engagement in several different ways.

Increased Customer Interaction

The days of time-consuming paperwork and clunky sales presentations are over. Arm your sales teams with apps that let them do their job; that means spending less time jumping through administrative hoops and spending more quality time with customers. Consolidating all the business processes required to close sales within a small suite of sales and marketing apps enables sales teams to work more efficiently and independently. For remote sales teams, this reduces the need for back-and-forth contact with the office, freeing up more time to foster meaningful relationships and engage with customers.

Improved Customer Service

Customer service and customer engagement go hand in hand. With the help of mobile technology, companies can toss the traditional 9-5 customer service model out the window. In its place, enterprise mobile apps offer much more agile and responsive tools for sales and customer service reps. With the ability to access real-time information as long as there is an internet or data connection, enterprise apps make it possible for sales reps to make decisions on-the-go to handle customer inquiries as quickly as they arise.

Shorten Sales Cycles

Let’s face it. Neither you nor your customers want to engage in a long and drawn out sales process. Perhaps the greatest advantage of adopting enterprise mobile sales apps is that it grants you the ability to complete sales cycles faster than ever before. From pulling up marketing materials to enabling digital document signing, it is now possible to present, pitch, and close deals all on a tablet or even a smartphone. Shifting your infrastructure to a mobile-first approach gives both sales reps and customers what they want—instant access to information. This combined with the reduction in time consuming administrative tasks offers your sales teams the freedom and agility to better cater to customers and engage with them on a level that distinguishes your company from the competition.


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