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Sep 25, 2013

Promoting Executive Mobility with BYOD and Custom Enterprise Apps

With an average of 3.46 devices each, executives are more connected to their work than ever before -- and surveys have shown that smartphones and tablets in particular are becoming the preferred devices for a new generation of CEOs, CFOs, and CTOs. While these technologies are excellent at facilitating communication through calls, emails, and messaging, they’re capable of much more. Unlocking the full potential of executive mobility through custom applications directly translates into increasing employee productivity, which leads to a positive impact on the bottom line. With a reputation for working off hours and an unquenchable desire to gain a competitive edge, it appears that executives and custom enterprise apps are the perfect match for one another. Senior executives are well aware that timely decision-making is what drives corporate performance -- and custom enterprise mobile applications in particular can enable executives to make these crucial corporate decisions regardless of their location and without relying on any support staff.

Whether keeping in touch on vacation, traveling for business, or just embarking on day-to-day activities, adopting enterprise mobile apps can foster executive mobility, with the ability for executives to access corporate information they want, when they want it. The truth is mobile applications are no longer a novelty; they’re a necessity. In the past, businesses had to rely solely on off-the-shelf apps available on public platforms. Often clunky, lacking customizable features, and fraught with security problems, these apps were more of a novelty than anything. Today, the mobile application landscape is completely different. Companies and their executives can now benefit from custom applications designed to their specifications.

Not only that, but these apps can also be released on a private enterprise app store. Customs apps and a private platform result in higher app adoption rates by executive and senior staff, which further leads to improved work flexibility and higher productivity. In order for to gain a competitive edge, custom enterprise applications should be in every innovative organization’s arsenal. While the blurring of the lines between work and home facilitates working outside the office, these technologies aren't just about working during off-hours. They also help hard-working, driven professionals strike a healthier live-work balance. The freedom afforded by adopting enterprise mobile apps allow senior executives to make use of downtime instead of their free time, resulting increased job satisfaction and a higher quality of overall work performance.


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