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Apr 09, 2015

Recap: Enterprise Mobility Pro Peer Group - Philadelphia Meetup

We had a lively discussion at this morning’s breakfast meetup with attendees from Vanguard, Blue Cross Blue Shield and National Board of Medical Examiners. Scott Phelps, Head of Global eBusiness at DLL, led the conversation, focusing on how to drive business value with enterprise mobile apps. Here are a few of the insightful topics that came up.
  • Mobile maturity assessment – Before embarking on an enterprise mobility initiative, an important first step is doing an assessment of your company’s mobile maturity. Doing so will reveal valuable information including the number of devices employees have, the device type and operating systems, which will help you to get prepared for mobile. Apps need to reach 100% of mobile users regardless of their role or device in order to achieve success.
  • Get the whole company on board – While it is important to have one app sponsor who is responsible for the app, also key to success is cross collaboration with employees from different areas of the company. Aside from providing valuable feedback about what the app should do and how it should work, this will also build excitement around the mobility initiative and ultimately drive adoption once the app is deployed.
  • Develop “mission-critical” apps – When it comes to measuring the success of enterprise apps, adoption rate is a strong way to do so. To ensure you will achieve high adoption from day 1, you must develop apps that are “mission-critical” to the users. This means they need it in order to perform their business function and ideas for these types of apps often come from previously tedious tasks and work-arounds that can be streamlined.
  • Security vs user experience – These are two very important but very different things to consider when it comes to enterprise mobility. With the sensitive data that many enterprise apps hold, mobile app security is imperative, however it must not compromise user experience. Check both boxes in order to achieve success because while security is your ticket to the dance, if no one uses the app because of poor UX, it is a waste of time and money.

Olivia Holmes

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