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Rob Friedman

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Aug 10, 2015

When Offshore Works

In the last dozen years, I have been involved in several offshore development relationships, and most of them have been failu ...
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Apr 15, 2015

When Agile Is Done Badly

Agile development has become very popular in the high tech world, to the point where most companies think they need to be a p ...
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Feb 25, 2015

4 Tips for Managing Scrum Teams

Scrum has become a very popular and effective way to organize software development teams, and for good reason.
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Nov 12, 2012

For Developers: How To Avoid A Doomed App

Jun 18, 2012

New Apperian EASE® Features

May 02, 2012

EASE: Enterprise App Security Features

In regards to our recent announcement of the new enterprise app security features for EASE,
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Sep 20, 2011

The Reality of Web Development Frameworks

Aug 04, 2011

Why You Need Mobile Developers