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Apr 08, 2014

Bracing for the Future of Mobile Security

SXSW: Bracing for the Future of Mobile SecurityIncreasingly, we're seeing how enterprise mobility is beginning to intersect with wearable technologies and the Internet of Things. We may not be there quite yet, but if the discussions that were taking place at SXSW a few weeks ago are any indication, IT and business leaders will eventually have to pay greater attention to how enterprise data interfaces with wearables -- specifically focused on mobile security. We’re already beginning to see wearable technologies being used in the workplace – police departments around the U.S. are beginning to test the use of Google Glass as potential surveillance tools. Meanwhile, workers at a Tesco distribution center in Ireland wear armbands embedded with sensors that are able to track the goods they’re moving, freeing up time that would have been spent marking clipboards. The armband also helps Tesco managers verify the accuracy of fulfillment orders along with each worker’s completion time. As we continue to look ahead, biometric mobile security capabilities such as 3D facial recognition and fingerprint scans will replace easy-to-forget passwords as authentication becomes more natural and seamless. Whenever a user has to opt in and there’s a trade-off between convenience and security, convenience will always win. This also applies to enterprise mobility efforts. Although the security of enterprise apps and data is essential for IT, mobile security also has to be consumable and convenient for employees. Companies that put up artificial barriers for employees to access and use enterprise mobility apps will pay dearly with low adoption rates. Companies that embrace a security-first mindset instead of dealing with security issues at the tail end of enterprise mobility initiatives will be well positioned to address wearable technologies and the Internet of Things. Discover how Apperian is uniquely positioned to help companies make this transition with its employee-friendly security capabilities that help guard against malware and data leakage through security techniques including data encryption, copy/paste protection, corporate authentication, and app wrapping. This article originally appeared on WIRED Innovation Insights.


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